We LOVE our Retailers

If you have a retail store and are looking for an experience vs. just a brand, Farm Finds Candles are for you. We offer your customers a complete candle system. From antique candles, recycled glass containers, rustic tarts, scoopable wax with custom fragrance recipes, and a simple to use (takes about 3 minutes) repour system that makes our candles sustainable and takes Farm Finds Candles to another level.

The Farm Finds Candles system hits all of the most important cultural trends:

Sustainable Candles: our candles are completely sustainable, no more throwing them away or
using them to store knick knacks. We provide a super easy-to-use candle re-pour kit.

Environmentally friendly: repurposing antique/vintage containers keeps glass containers out of the landfills.

Engaging customers: host a Farm Finds Candles re-pour party for your customers...
everyone is looking for an experience and our super easy-to-use repour kits will help you provide just that.

Patent Pending Candle Re-pour System: our preblended candle re- pour kit means it only takes
a few minutes to PREP - WARM - POUR new candles into repurposed containers!

Perfect Compliment to other candle brands: some other candle brands have beautiful
containers. But what about when they burn down? Help your customers keep them burning as candles -
as simply as re-pouring them.  Better yet...throw a candle re-pour party/workshop and they can all re- pour them at once!

100% Soy wax: prevents toxic pollution from Parafin based candles.

Customization: let your customers customize their antique candles plus they can customize their wax melt
fragrances with the Farm Finds Scoopable product with our Fun Scoopable Recipes.

3-4 x higher fragrance levels: people are tired of buying candles that don't have enough fragrance. Farm Finds takes fragrance seriously and our rigorous fragrance testing ensures your customers will become addicted...bringing them back to your store again and again...win/win.

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