New Eco Product - Bee's Wax Wrap Refresh Kit

We are so excited to announce our NEW Eco
Bee's Wax Wrap Refresh Kit

Have you ditched plastic wrap and use Bee's Wax Wraps? Then what do you do with your wraps when they just don't wrap anymore?  The wax is worn off or balled up but the cloth is still in good shape.  

No reason to throw them away NOW...just give them a refresh!

This Bee's Wax Refresh Kit is being pre-launched to our if you are interested please let us know by submitting your name.  When they are available for sale we'll let you know first...and maybe for a special price!  ;)

This kit is also amazing to create new wraps.  If you haven't tried Bee's Wax Wraps because they are so pricey - use this kit!  Just grab some cute cotton fabric and make them yourself - super easy and way cheaper!  Plus, no plastic in the landfill!!  

Leave it to Farm Finds to think of this!!