Eco friendly...Sustainable...Earth Loving! What makes Farm Finds candle system better?

It's a question we've asked ourselves from the beginning. It's a question that drives every decision we make as a company. Because we not only want to be different...we want to better! Way better!!
With ever-growing interest in better choices for the planet and our homes, knowing how eco friendly products are made and what really makes them earth friendly is an important one! ☺️
Farm Finds Candles:
We know all the R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - we do all of them in our candle system.
Totally Sustainable - and we're not just saying that! 😁 We totally mean's one of the things we pride ourselves on! We have created our Candle Repour Kit so that literally NO candle container has to be thrown away...ever. Like really...never!! Just refill them. In less than 3 minutes you can warm new wax, set your wick, and pour away! Just that candle. No waste! LOVE IT!! This things so unique we have a Patent Pending! 😍😘
Easily repurpose other items as candles - I love that you can use any water proof container as a candle. Yep not only do we not waste but we even give you an opportunity to repurpose something vintage...and cool...maybe even an heirloom...and turn it into a candle!
100% Soy wax - no paraffin in our candles! No way! That stuff is toxic. Yep, they're cheap but when you burn paraffin candles ☠️❗ in your home you are releasing a petroleum byproduct right into your space! YUCK! 🚫🚫
No plastic packaging - with our passion for eco friendly how could we use plastic packaging...or too much packaging?! We couldn' we don't! Our limited packaging is either compostable, recyclable or plant based.
All of they smell AMAZING!!! Our natural candles are cleaner, have longer burn times, and they're safer for your home and the environment. We've worked hard to create the most sustainable, eco-friendly candle system possible!

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