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  • The Beauty of Living the Slow Life

    I've heard it said that slow living is "savoring our moments rather than just counting them".  As I grow older this urge to slow down has become more and more important to me.  I have recognized my tendency to get caught up in society's pull. Like a magnet pulling me on it's roller coaster ride of chaos, where enough is never enough.  I am tired of living by society's rules and have changed my focus from 'fast and shallow' to 'slow and deep'.
  • A Little Eco Podcast

    Join the journey of Farm Finds founder, Lesley, as she begins her low waste lifestyle.  She asks the expert Jodi (Sustainability Expert) ALL the questions and shares her challenges and wins along the way!
  • The Plastic Problem

    Single use plastics are a plague on the Earth.  If you've ever wondered just how big of a problem these convenient little pieces of plastic have become PBS does an amazing job of shedding light on this enormous problem.