The Beauty of Living the Slow Life

In the month of June, Farm Finds is celebrating living a slow lifestyle. 

So what is Slow Living?  The definition of slow living that touches me is this, "Slow living is being conscious, intentional, mindful and living deeply".  Isn't that beautiful.  Doesn't that sound amazing!  

Slow living is about simplifying.  It means slowing down our schedules , our consumption, it means increasing the time we spend with friends and family, and our appreciation of the world around us.

I've heard it said that slow living is "savoring our moments rather than just counting them".  As I grow older, this urge to slow down has become more and more important to me.  I have recognized my tendency to get caught up in society's pull. Like a magnet pulling me on it's roller coaster ride of chaos, where enough is never enough.  I am tired of living by society's rules and have changed my focus from 'fast and shallow' to 'slow and deep'.  

Slow living is also a very personal thing, my level of slow living will be very different from yours and that's OK.  Let's look at some of the areas of life that we can begin to shift from fast to slow:

Schedules and time:  we've had an opportunity to experience this in the last few months during our quarantine.  It's spending time, and not just the time in the car running from one event to another.  Game night.  Girls time.  Date night.  Family time. ME time. Creative time.  "Savoring our moments rather than counting them".

Nutrition and food:  our food system is loaded with places we can slow down.  Shop at the local Farmers Market.  Find places to buy your food locally.  Cook at home vs. fast food.  Plant a garden, or even a few plants.  "Savoring". 

Consumption and waste:  God's not going to make us another Earth so we better take care of the one we have. How can you lessen your plastic consumption?  Reusable water and coffee containers.  Less plastic packaging.  Buy bulk. Handmade toys.  Compost.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  "Savoring vs. just consuming".

Spend time with YOU:  part of slow living is learning to balance your life.  Part of this balance includes spending "you time".  Create.  Read a book.  Learn.  Pray.  Worship.  Take a walk.  Keeping yourself healthy in mind and body to enjoy your life.  "Savoring life" 

Fashion:  Fast fashion is the cheaply made clothing, mostly with polyester.  Buy well made, natural fiber clothing when possible.  Repurpose your clothes into other items.  Thrift and upcycle clothes, this is such a fun way to personalize your style.  "Savoring your style".

Repair:  Get in the habit of repairing vs. throwing away. In many ways slow living  means stepping back to a time when appreciating our possessions meant we repaired them, we repurposed them.  These precious possessions were made in such a way that they could be repaired and treasured.  No fast consumption of cheap plastics and items that were made to wear out quickly so they had to be replaced.  "Savoring your things".

Do any of these areas resound with you?  Are there simple shifts you can make to begin to live a slow lifestyle?  

So why is slow living appealing?  At a time when many of us have been been forced to try out this lifestyle, we've seen some of the blessings that slow living can provide.  Balance. Re-connection. Appreciation. Health. Clarity.  

Why is Farm Finds spending a month celebrating "Slow Living"?  We are a company passionate about slow living values.  We carefully choose the products we offer so that they align with as many of these values as possible.   We like to think of our products as "Artisan Eco Products" - handmade in the USA to help our customers live an intentional, Earth friendly, slow life.  

Blessings to you dear friends...Lesley




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  • These all resound with me. I was born in 1946 & life was vèry slow & unhurried for most of my life. We made gardens & preserved our food, repaired things & mom made my clothes. Very good memories if my growing up years.


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