How to pour your Farm Finds Candles Re-pour Kit


YAY!  You've decided to get involved in the sustainable candle craze...well you came to the right spot!  Farm Finds Candles offers the only truly sustainable candles...with our Repurpose, Recycle and Re-pour philosophy you can enjoy ANY candle for years to come, and keep them out of the landfill.  Just use our easy-to-use candle re-pour kit and within about 3 minutes your candle is re-poured! 

Check out the "How much wax will my container hold?" Blog Post to determine exactly how much wax your candle will hold.  

What do you need to complete your candle re-pour?

  • Farm Finds Candle Re-pour Kit

  • Re-purposed candle container

  • Microwave

  • Spoon

  • 5 spare minutes


PREP your container

Clean your container thoroughly – remove old wax if necessary and rinse with HOT water – after rinsing with HOT water use a metal spoon to pry up and remove previous wick

Measure your container width – if your container is more than 6 inches in width you will need additional wicks to properly wick your candle. 

Wick size – your 12 oz re-pour kit contains 2 - #2 wicks – these wicks have a 3 inch burn pool - Check out for additional information on wicks and wick sizes.

You can use as many wicks as necessary to accommodate the width of your container – if your container is 5 inches wide use both of your #2 wicks if it is 6 inches in width you will need 3 or 4 #2 wicks (24 oz kit)

Adhere wick(s) to bottom of container using wick stickers.

Place chops on wicks and gently press to rest on top of container.


WARM your Farm Finds wax blend – you want to achieve a creamy white texture – porridge like.  DO NOT melt the wax to a liquid state this may damage the fragrance that the wax blend contains.

Warm your wax blend for 40 seconds – squeeze the container slightly and use your spoon to gently press on the top of the wax – if possible you want to stir – if it is still too hard then return to microwave for an additional 30 seconds.  After this interval - Stir wax blend thoroughly – you want to stir the wax for a minute or more to evenly distribute the heat throughout the wax.  The lumpy texture will smooth as the heat is dispersed – a few lumps is not a problem when pouring your new candle.  If necessary, heat the wax for one more 10 second interval - while stirring for a minute in between until you reach a porridge like creamy consistency.


POUR your new candle

Being careful to pour around your chop stabilizers – pour wax into container.

Gently pull wicks straight and taut within chops

Smooth the top – while wax is warm - grasp both sides of container and gently bang bottom of container on table surface. 

Once wax is hardened – use a hairdryer on warm/hot and move air over candle top. Keep moving do not keep in one spot too long and do not blow melted wax it will splash.

Your new candle is complete – now the hard part is waiting for at least 7 days before burning – this allows the fragrance to cure within the candle and ensures a quality candle.

Additional wax:  Any wax you do not use can be stored in a dark dry area and can be melted and poured at a later time.  Also, remember Farm Finds Sampler Candles are super fun – this refers to candles containing layers of various fragrances that gradually change fragrances as the layers melt.  Use this additional wax to begin your own Sampler Candle.

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  • I looove your candles. The fragrance is amazing. I’m ordering some for Christmas gifts ♥️♥️

    Suzy Ford

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