How much wax will my container hold?

Candles do not get poured to the very top of their container – leave ½ - 1 inch between top of candle and top of container.  When you are measuring the height of your container only measure to where you want the candle top to be.

Let's measure to determine how many liquid oz your candle will hold.  These formulas will provide you with the total amount of wax it will take to fill your candle. 

Rectangular containers: 

Multiply Height x Width x Length = cubic inches  

Then multiply cubic inches x .554 = fl oz (this is how much wax your container will hold).


Circular containers:

Measure entire top of container – this is the diameter

Divide diameter by 2, this is the radius

Multiply Radius x Radius x Height x 3.14 = this equals cubic inches  

Multiply cubic inches x .554 = this is the fl oz (this is how much wax your container will hold).


Short filling an antique container: it is NOT necessary to always fill your candles to the top, some of my most favorite vintage containers are larger and I never fill them more than 1/2 way.  JUST HAVE FUN!!  

Sampler candles:  At Farm Finds Candles we love to pour what we call Sampler candles - this means they are filled in layers of fragrance.  After several hours of one fragrance curing we pour on another layer of fragrance.  This results in a fun to burn candle that gradually changes from one fragrance to another.  As you are pouring your new candle remember you can always pour a Sampler candle if you decide you want it to contain more wax.  Just make sure you let each layer cool about 3 hours.

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